Introducing well guarded and tough equipments against riots and anti-social activists

Tilara PC tube and shield helps police and traffic police to control the crowd and manage the traffic well.


Retail Display and Signage Trends 2017

Are you into Visual Merchandising (VM) or Retail Marketing and fabrication? You must know trends below:   Sustainable and Cost Effective though Innovative Design: Earlier you used to have limited materials for display and store interior design like glass, steel, etc. Now, there are many options which are sustainable, cost effective and you can make… Continue reading Retail Display and Signage Trends 2017

Exhibition Booth / Stall Fabricators can make glorious booth or stall with this fabrication material.

Exhibition booth or stall fabricators are always looking for great material to give their booth look sophisticated and glorious. Now a day, clients need something new and fresh looking design. You can’t make a square box. Not only from the design but also materials point of view you need to bring-in something fresh.

Material behind even and smooth lighting in LED light, tiled lighting and advertising light board.

Ceiling tiled lighting, advertising light box, LED box light, luminaries and advertising signage board are best example of even and smooth lighting experience. These kind of lights throw consistent flow, create certain type of atmosphere, save your electricity and saves you from hazardous effects on your eyes. It transmits light up to 90%.

What is best for furniture and door & windows? Glass or extruded acrylic / plastic sheet?

Material like extruded acrylic sheet has replaced glass in interior and exterior application. Extruded acrylic sheet is also called GPPS (General Purpose Polysterene Sheet) or extruded plastic sheet. Extruded acrylic sheet or GPPS sheet is available in different textures (embossed), thickness, colors, transparent and solid colors. Extruded acrylic sheet is versatile material which can be used for modern interior, architecture and furniture applications.

Amazing features of Polycarbonate Tube or pipe

Do you know about Polycarbonate Tube or Pipe? Apart from normal tubing applications it has many applications and benefits than other (steel or PVC) material pipes.

Following are the main features of Polycarbonate Tube / Pipe:

It can be fabricated easily unlike steel, glass or PVC pipe.
It has durability value and it can endure against high or low temperature.
The transparent tube has high level of clarity.
The pipe / tube material is light weight. So, it can be carried and moved easily.
It is water proof and anti-corrosive.

Use of GPPS plastic sheet material in your interior design and lighting.

Light is one of the 7 elements of interior design. Some people like smooth lighting or may be some space require smooth and continuous flow of light instead of hard light then there can be used GPPS plastic sheet to pass the light. It also forms nice design. Following are few examples where GPPS plastic sheet are used to pass light and create good looking design in the interior.